Celeste Candle Warmer Lamp 7.8″- 9″


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A statement piece that exudes sophistication with a rebellious twist. This lamp artfully combines the high-end texture of brass with the subdued warmth of marble, creating an intense artistic tension that captivates the eye. Its punk-inspired design, characterized by a bold brass structure, stands in striking contrast to the refined elegance of the marble base, making it a perfect centerpiece for a contemporary home setting. 

Purchase Notes: We do not include candles, Need to buy halogen bulbs.

Note*: To facilitate candle melting, it's essential to acquire a halogen bulb separately, as conventional LED bulbs lack the capability to melt candles.

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Product Size

Size: Dia 20cm x H 23cm / ∅ 7.8″ x H 9″


  • Brass body.
  • Brass, and Wood, Marble.
  • Colour: Brass, Green Marble, Walnut Color.
  • Plug-in with GU10 socket.
  • Accommodates one 10W incandescent bulb or LED equivalent.
  • ETL, UL and CE, CCC, SAA listed
  • Push-button switch.
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Compatible with dimmer switches (not included).
  • 59-inch with plug switches wires.



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    Stylish Candle Warmer

    I am absolutely thrilled with my Candle Warmer Lamp! This innovative device has truly transformed my candle experience. Not only does it melt my candles evenly, ensuring every last drop of wax is utilized, but it also enhances the atmosphere with a captivating and consistent scent.

    elegant and perfect gift

    I recently purchased a candle melting lamp, and it has truly enhanced my candle experience. This lamp is not just a practical tool but also adds a touch of elegance to any room.
    Firstly, the design is exquisite. The lamps sleek and modern look fits seamlessly into my home decor. Its a conversation starter for sure. The build quality is impressive, and it feels durable.
    Functionally, this lamp is a game-changer for candle enthusiasts like me. The top dish is perfect for placing my favorite scented candles. The lamp gently melts the candle, releasing its aroma evenly throughout the room. Its a much more efficient and safer method than using an open flame.


    I'm so glad I bought this when I did, and before they sold out. I use this every day and it does just what it says. The green with gold is beautiful, and looks perfect in my office. I love the smell of candles, but the smoke from lighting them irritates my eyes. This is a must have!

    Highly recommend!

    This candle lamp is so pretty and classic! I get so many questions and compliments on it. I already bought a second one to go on my office desk since I cant light candles in the office. It burns candles evenly so they dont tunnel and keeps a new white wick pretty and not burnt since you dont have to light it. It puts out the aroma more than lighting it! Just bought one for a Christmas gift. Dont hesitate to buy it, youll love it!!


    Some influencer online was showing these off, I bought a different model for my husbands office, one for our family room, one for my office.
    With a couple of kitties in the house that flick their tails around burning candles was a logistical nightmare. But I love the smell. Heres the solution.
    Ive gifted this a couple times now, and it goes over amazingly well. This ones my favorite. Add it to your holiday gift list. Anybody with pets, or any concern about fire hazard and theyll be thrilled.