Gingko Chandelier F Style


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The Gingko Chandelier F Style  Inspired by the natural beauty of ginkgo leaves and branches, this pendant lamp seamlessly blends the beauty of nature into interior decor. Each ginkgo leaf and branch shape seems to radiate the harmonious beauty of the outdoors indoors.

The Gingko Chandelier F Style combines artistic flair with a minimalist and elegant design. Its intricate design vividly captures the texture of ginkgo leaves and the shape of branches, bringing soft lighting and a natural warmth to indoor spaces. This pendant lamp is not just a lighting fixture but also a decorative work of art, adding a unique touch of beauty to your home.

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Product Size

Size: Dia 80cm x H 150cm / ∅ 31.4″ x H 59″ (G9 bulbs*15)

Size: Dia 100cm x H 200cm / ∅ 39.3″ x H 78.7″ (G9 bulbs*18)

Size: Dia 120cm x H 250cm / ∅ 47.2″ x H 98.4″ (G9 bulbs*24)

Size: Dia 120cm x H 300cm / ∅ 47.2″ x H 118″(G9 bulbs*32)


  • Ceramics shade in a White finish.
  • Metal and Ceramics.
  • Colour: Gold, White.
  • Hardwired.
  • 59″ Adjustable hanging height cable.
  • G9 socket.
  • UL and CE, CCC, SAA listed
  • Accommodates 5W incandescent bulb or LED equivalent.
  • Compatible with dimmer switches (not included).
  • Suitable for indoor use.

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Customer Reviews

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OMG they have nothing good to say about this beautiful chandelier, I could sit and look at it all day. I highly recommend this. The downside to this was that it took us about a few days to put it together, but it was well worth it. Glad we got good value for money.


This chandelier is beautiful. Instructions are simple but assembly is time consuming. It took me a long time to put on each ginkgo leaf. If you have the patience, it's definitely worth every penny and sore fingers haha. I got so many compliments on this chandelier.

Raymond Woodall

I'm remodeling my house and I want more charm. I ordered it to be hung on the large ceiling in the living room. Not only does it look gorgeous, but the price is great for how it looks. You have to be patient to assemble it as there are so many parts to assemble - but it's well worth it

Carol Gangemi

It's not easy to assemble, but it's worth it in the end. (Your fingers will hurt) Mine has not been installed yet (I just got it on Friday) Well worth the money!


I will warn you, it assembles easily with a little time and patience, but don't try hanging it alone. You will lose all patience and strength in your arm and may even break it. So you need to ask an electrician to help install it, it is very beautiful. I purchased, assembled and hung it as a surprise for my wife and she loves it. It is perfect for floor-high ceilings.