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This delightful night-light lovably dazed panda radiates a gentle and soothing glow, creating the perfect nocturnal atmosphere. Constructed with superior silicone, this lamp boasts not only durability but also a soft, tactile appeal. It's ingeniously designed to activate with a simple, gentle pat, transforming from a tranquil slumbering panda into a comforting beacon of light. It's an ideal companion for those midnight moments, standing by to banish the darkness at your slightest touch. 

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Product Size

Model A Size: Dia 10.9cm x H 10.5cm / ∅ 4.3″ x H 4.1″

Model B Size: Dia 13cm x H 6cm / ∅ 5.1″ x H 2.3″

Model C Size: Dia 11cm x H 9.4cm / ∅ 4.3″ x H 3.7″

Model D Size: Dia 14cm x H 9.2cm / ∅ 5.5″ x H 3.6″

Model E Size: Dia 9.8cm x H 10.4cm / ∅ 3.8″ x H 4.1″


  • Silica gel body.
  • ABS and Silica gel.
  • Colour: Black & White.
  • Integrated LED design; average lifespan of 50,000 hours.
  • LED lights are fully built into the fixture and cannot be replaced.
  • Warm White 3000K color temperature. 
  • ETL, UL and CE, CCC, SAA listed
  • Pat Switch.
  • Built-in USB Type-C port at base.


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Customer Reviews

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Henil Shah

works well. the image looks fully squishy but the bottom is hard. the top is so squishy. my toddler loves it. it lights up well and lasts so far. such an adorable panda.

Victoria Zann

My daughter loves pandas right now. This little light has the warmest glow. Its a good amount of light and its now super dark. Its a great addition to my girls room and it has the sweetest lil face too.


I absolutely love the Cute Panda Night Light! The squishy silicone design is adorable and adds a playful touch to the room.

Nicole Maklyan

My kids just loved this, easy to charge with 3 levels light. Soft to touch, similar to squish, very good item for gifting.

Caleb Stork

This is the cutest little night light. Its super soft silicon, touch sensitive, and rechargeable. It even has different levels of light. With just a touch it will dim or brighten. Originally bought as a gift it's so cute I kept if for myself.