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The Nelson Bubble Pendant Lamp is a unique addition to any room, creating an ethereal atmosphere with its delicate geometric crisscross pattern. Composed of a lightweight steel structure, this elegant pendant lamp will hold its shape even under tension, perfect for cluster hangs that inspire a luxuriously artistic glow.

Product Size

Model A:

Size: Dia 40cm x H 22cm / ∅ 15.8″ x H 8.7″

Size: Dia 50cm x H 25cm / ∅ 19.7″ x H 9.8″

Size: Dia 80cm x H 33cm / ∅ 31.4″ x H 12.9″

Model B:

Size: Dia 40cm x H 22cm / ∅ 15.7″ x H 8.7″

Size: Dia 50cm x H 22cm / ∅ 19.7″ x H 8.7″

Model C:

size: Dia 30cm x H 30cm / ∅ 11.8″ x H 11.8″

Model D:

Size: Dia 20cm x H 40cm / ∅ 7.9″ x H 15.8″

Model E:

Size: Dia 30cm x H 28cm / ∅ 11.8″ x H 11″

Size: Dia 40cm x H 36cm / ∅ 15.8″ x H 14.2″

Model F:

Size: Dia 45cm x H 37cm / ∅ 17.7″ x H 14.6″

Model G:

Size: Dia 35cm x H 32cm / ∅ 13.7″ x H 12.6″

Size: Dia 45cm x H 42cm / ∅ 17.7″ x H 16.5″

Model H:

Size: Dia 50cm x H 38cm / ∅ 19.7″ x H 14.9″

Model I:

Size: Dia 40cm x H 42cm / ∅ 15.8″ x H 16.5″


  • Polymer Shade in White finish.
  • Polymer and Steel wire.
  • Colour: White.
  • Hardwired.
  • E26 or E27 socket.
  • Accommodates one 40W incandescent bulb or LED equivalent.
  • Compatible with dimmer switches (not included). 
  • AC 110-240V Voltage.
  • ETL, UL and CE, CCC, SAA listed
  • IP rating 20 - not waterproof.
  • Wire: By default, we offer a 59-inch (150cm) wire length, which can be easily adjusted to your desired height.
  • Install: Sloped ceiling compatible (Sloped Ceiling Adaptable<30°)


Parameter Installation

    Why We Love It

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Shirley Baca

    These pendant lights have been a game-changer for my living area. Their unique silhouettes create a playful yet sophisticated atmosphere. They illuminate the space perfectly.

    Jamie Hogue

    Their design is artful and adds an intriguing visual element to my workspace.

    Yakelin ladino

    After installing these pendants in my entryway, Ive received so many compliments. They give off the perfect ambiance and truly elevate the space.

    Army Roy

    They are stylish and certainly add a modern flair, but they're smaller than they look in pictures. Not quite the statement piece I was expecting.

    Jeffery Allen

    The design is quite attractive, and they do add a touch of elegance to my foyer. But, I had to buy different bulbs to try to get more light out of them.