Lámpara de pie costera antigua 13,8″- 56,7″


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Agregue estilo y clase a la decoración de su hogar con la lámpara de pie antigua Coastal. Con su tono azul claro, esta lámpara es perfecta para diseños de interiores costeros y su pantalla en forma de tambor equilibra la proporción de la lámpara. Confeccionada con tela, la pantalla difunde eficazmente la luz para brindar una iluminación práctica y cálida.

Tamaño del producto

Tamaño: Diámetro 35 cm x Alto 144 cm / ∅ 13,8 ″ x Alto 56,7 ″


  • Cuerpo metálico .
  • Blanco Tela de lino Pantalla de lámpara .
  • Metal , Vidrio, Tela.
  • Color : Cromo, Verde , Azul .
  • Enchufe con casquillo E26 o E27.
  • Tiene capacidad para bombilla incandescente de 40 W o equivalente a LED.
  • Listado UL y CE, CCC, SAA
  • Interruptor de pie.
  • 98,4 pulgadas con cables de interruptores de enchufe.


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Customer Reviews

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I bought a pair to update the vibe of my living room - I love the "transitional" simple shape and high-quality finish. These are sturdy and a bit heavy. The final product is also very elegant! I like that you have the option to adjust the length of the plug cord to fit your furniture layout. I love the final result; the shades are also very high quality, but I chose to swap in a shade that I already own and really like. High-quality but understated styling is perfect C you dont want side table lamps to be the show star of your decor, but you do want them to have an elegant look and a beautiful finish. marvelous!


Really happy with these lights! It looks like I spent a lot more than I paid for them and everyone who comes into my bedroom appreciates them.

Pookies GiGi

These are very nice heavy lamps. The only problem is that I can't seem to get the piece that you screw onto the top to tighten. Other than that, they are very pretty. The base is gray when the light is off and blue when the light is on.

Feng Yangling Nabel

I purchased two of these lights for our bedroom. They are very easy to assemble. They are not too tall, I love them, they are medium sized lights, I will definitely buy these again!

kimberley mountains

This lamp is so cute! Excellent condition and quality and great price! After choosing for a long time, I finally settled on this lamp. This is perfect. Simple and cute! !