Lámpara de mesa Cute Pear (batería incorporada) 6.6″- 8.6″


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Aporta un toque de calidez y sofisticación a tu hogar con la lámpara de mesa Cute Pear. Esta lámpara con forma de pera exquisitamente elaborada está inspirada en el diseño vintage y agrega un toque elegante y de buen gusto a cualquier espacio. Con su brillo cálido y acogedor, es perfecto para crear una atmósfera acogedora en cualquier zona de la casa.

Tamaño del producto

Tamaño: Diámetro 17 cm x Alto 22 cm / ∅ 6,6 ″ x Alto 8,6 ″


  • Cuerpo de cristal .
  • Metal y Vidrio .
  • Color : Negro, Blanco, Beige, Rosa .
  • Diseño LED integrado; Vida útil media de 50.000 horas.
  • Las luces LED están completamente integradas en el dispositivo y no se pueden reemplazar.
  • Temperatura de color blanco cálido 3000K.
  • Listado ETL, UL y CE, CCC, SAA
  • Interruptor tactil.
  • Adecuado para uso interior/exterior.
  • Puerto USB incorporado en la base.


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Sabi Meshkian

It's very beautiful. The actual product received is much larger than expected, but the bottle has a slight flaw. It seems that she can be forgiven because of her good looks.


It's chubby, chubby, very cute and I like it very much. When I was unpacking the package, I accidentally dropped the lamp on the ground. It made a thud, but luckily it was intact. It has three levels and the brightness can also be adjusted, which is really great! It meets the needs of different public groups and is very cost-effective. I really compared several companies before deciding to buy this one. Their service is also very good!


Very beautiful pear lanterns with first-class custard and custard texture. , the quality is good, and it matches the decoration style of the room, very good!


A super beautiful pear lamp, it feels great to turn it on, the three-color light is easy to use, the price is okay, the product is very beautiful, the three-color light charges well, and there are no wires that take up space.


It's enough to be an atmospheric sleeping companion, and it can be detached from the top. The light bulb has a small battery life, which may be good. It can be adjusted in multiple settings, with good color temperature and a sense of atmosphere.