Lámpara de Pie Leona 11.8″- 70″


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La lámpara de pie Leona es una pieza contemporánea con un encanto encantador. Su base de burbujas tiene una textura exquisita con un delicioso acabado moteado, aportando un toque llamativo a cualquier espacio. La lámpara está adornada con una pantalla de tambor cilíndrico, elaborada con exquisita atención al detalle.

Tamaño del producto

Tamaño: Diámetro 30 cm x Alto 178 cm / ∅ 11,8 ″ x Alto 70


  • Cuerpo de resina.
  • Resina y Tela .
  • Color : Blanco.
  • Enchufe con casquillo E26 o E27.
  • Tiene capacidad para una bombilla incandescente de 40 W o equivalente a LED.
  • Listado UL y CE, CCC, SAA.
  • Interruptor de pie.
  • 98,4 pulgadas con cables de interruptores de enchufe.


Parámetro Instalación

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Carr

The quality is good. It looks good when placed next to the sofa in the living room. It is fashionable, simple and elegant. The quality of the lamp is very good, the workmanship is good, and it is beautiful and elegant. It adds a lot to the sense of space and layering of home decoration. Good quality, I really like it after watching it

LAC Retired

The lamp is really beautiful, full of shape and design. The seller has a good attitude and matches the style of the home. The quality is good and it is worth recommending.


The lamp is very beautiful, heavy and textured, and you can switch colors by pressing it. It goes well with home, the brightness is just right and soft. Worth buying.

James Prior

It is very luxurious and high-end when placed in the living room as a decoration. It improves the quality of furniture. I like the design and style. I am also very satisfied with the light brightness. The price is reasonable and it feels like a great value. It is recommended to buy it.

Jennifer Aniston

Its really nice. The home is modern, but medieval is now popular. As soon as the lamp is placed on the floor, the feeling comes.