Araña de cristal Raito


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Esta lámpara de araña combina maravillosamente el estilo americano vintage, combinando armoniosamente madera maciza con detalles de latón reluciente. Elaborado con meticulosa atención al detalle, trasciende la mera iluminación y se convierte en una pieza central cautivadora, enriqueciendo su hogar con su encanto duradero y su estética cautivadora.

Tamaño del producto

Tamaño de 3 cabezales: diámetro 60 cm x alto 55 cm / ∅ 23,6 ″ x alto 21,6 ″

Tamaño de 5 cabezales: diámetro 70 cm x alto 55 cm / ∅ 27,5 ″ x alto 21,6 ″


  • Pantalla de Cristal en acabado Blanco .
  • Cuerpo de latón .
  • Latón y Vidrio, Madera.
  • Color: Blanco, Latón, Color Teca.
  • Cableado.
  • Barra para colgar de 19,7 ″ de altura para colgar.
  • E26 o E27 enchufe.
  • Listado UL y CE, CCC, SAA
  • Tiene capacidad para bombilla incandescente de 40 W o equivalente a LED.
  • Compatible con reguladores de intensidad (no incluidos).
  • Apto para uso en interiores.


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Cato The Eldest

The logistics speed is very fast, the quality is good, and the workmanship is fine. I am very satisfied. Easy to install, you can easily install it by yourself according to the drawings, the customer service attitude is very good!

Lulu Louise Louisa

This French mid-century living room lamp really lit up my heart! Exquisite appearance, every detail is very elegant, the lampshade is made of light yellow glass, shaped like 5 cornucopias, and the lamp pole is made of exquisite wood. The combination of these two makes the whole lamp full of retro atmosphere. Put it in the living room, the more you look at it, the more attractive it becomes. The whole space is decorated more and more like a French retro style.


The lamp is of good quality and the light is soft. It is very warm and beautiful when turned on. It exceeds expectations and makes my living room feel "expensive" all of a sudden.


Made of solid wood and brass, this chandelier is natural and sophisticated. The brass-colored lampshade emits warm light, filling the entire space with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The glass material design makes the light softer and adds a touch of romance.

Leopold George Duncan Albert

The bedroom in my new home has been adding decorations and decorations, and finally received the main light that I had been waiting for for a long time. It is made of brass and solid wood and is very beautiful. It matches my leather elephant ear bed. It is super high-end and looks great. It is really a happy thing to decorate your new home little by little.