Lámpara colgante de pétalos de ratán


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Esta lámpara colgante de pétalos de ratán es una pieza de decoración llamativa perfecta para cualquier espacio. El ratán natural y una forma orgánica única se combinan para crear un contraste ingenioso e inspirador de materiales que aporta calidez y estilo a cualquier entorno. ¡Atrévete a ser diferente y añade una pieza llamativa de impresionante belleza a tu hogar!

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Tamaño del producto

Tamaño : Diámetro 80 cm x Alto 35 cm / ∅ 31,5 ″ x Alto 13,8 ″

Tamaño: Diámetro 100 cm x Alto 35 cm / ∅ 39,4 ″ x Alto 13,8 ″


  • La sombra está hecha de ratán.
  • Rota y metales.
  • Color : color ratán natural , negro.
  • Cableado.
  • Casquillo E26 o E27.
  • Tiene capacidad para una bombilla incandescente de 40 W o su equivalente LED.
  • Compatible con reguladores de intensidad (no incluidos).
  • Voltaje CA 110-240 V.
  • Listado ETL, UL y CE, CCC, SAA
  • Cable: De forma predeterminada, ofrecemos una longitud de cable de 59 pulgadas (150 cm), que se puede ajustar fácilmente a la altura deseada.
  • Instalar: Compatible con techo inclinado (techo inclinado adaptable <30°)


Parámetro Instalación

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Customer Reviews

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Susan Shane

The production process is complex and the shape is beautiful, which adds beauty to our decoration! If you like the color of this material, you can use it!


It looks great with my tea table, and with a floor lamp, its perfect.


I bought two lamps. The workmanship looks good and they are easy to install. I think the Japanese style is very beautiful and they match my furniture very well.


My house is not newly decorated, but the previous lamps are old and need to be replaced with new ones. Because the bedroom decoration is relatively old-fashioned, it is difficult to buy lamps. I dont know what the lamps look like before they are installed. Once installed, they cannot be returned, so I am very cautious about which one I choose. I stayed up for a few days and looked at a lot of them. store, I finally made up my mind to buy this one. After installing it, the bedroom feels much more modern, and the texture is also very good. The price is very cost-effective, and I am very happy, hehe. By the way, this lamp looks better than the photos and videos.


I compared the new decoration of my home between the physical store and online. I still think it is more affordable online. I was not disappointed when I received the item. It matches the decoration style of the house. I love this product. It has a unique mood.