Lámpara calentadora de velas Wiatt 9.4″- 12.9″


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La lámpara calentadora de velas Wiatt es el epítome de la sofisticación moderna y combina una estética clásica en color crema francés con una moderna luz nocturna. Su capacidad para derretir cera agrega un toque de ensueño a la decoración de su hogar, perfecto para crear un ambiente lujoso y sereno.

Los patrones de alabastro varían según el producto, nuestro producto y las imágenes mostradas son diferentes.

Notas de compra: No incluimos velas, es necesario comprar bombillas halógenas.

NOTA*: Para facilitar el derretimiento de las velas, es fundamental adquirir una bombilla halógena por separado, ya que las bombillas LED convencionales no tienen la capacidad de derretir velas.

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Tamaño del producto

Tamaño: Diámetro 24 cm x Alto 33 cm / ∅ 9,4 ″ x Alto 12,9 ″


  • Cuerpo metálico .
  • Base de alabastro.
  • Metal y Alabastro .
  • Color : Beige, Blanco Alabastro .
  • Diseño LED integrado; Vida útil media de 50.000 horas.
  • Las luces LED están completamente integradas en el dispositivo y no se pueden reemplazar.
  • Temperatura de color blanco cálido 3000K.
  • Listado UL y CE, CCC, SAA.
  • Apto para uso en interiores.
  • Compatible con reguladores de intensidad (no incluidos).
  • 59 pulgadas con cables de interruptores de enchufe.


Parámetro Instalación

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    One of my favorite things in the world is to light a scented candle and make the whole room smell great. It makes me feel relaxed and comfortable. My bad habit is to leave candles burning even when I'm in the next room. And, with asthma, I know I shouldn't use candles at all because it's definitely a trigger. I could have used an oil diffuser instead, but I was traumatized by the fact that my humidifier was harboring mold in places I couldn't clean. A girl posted a video on TikTok showing off her top 3 must-buy items for 2022, and she showed off products similar to this one. Honestly, I love this lamp. It turns on whenever I'm in the room and I'm not worried about it catching on fire. If you're feeling energetic, grab a jar of nacho cheese and let your baby heat it up under a lamp. Then it's considered multitasking (laughs).


    Such an amazing purchase. I have so many candles that the wicks have burned out but the wax has not gone away, which saved the day! I can leave it on all day and have the best smell in my house. Candles also seem to last longer. One of my favorite home purchases

    joanne nelson

    It's perfect without losing the scent! I purchased this a while ago and it is absolutely perfect. Adds a cute and warm feeling! I also hook it up to my smart plug so I can turn it on an hour before bed so the room has a spa-fresh feel while I'm curled up under the covers. I should probably turn off the candle, but this is my first time using it and it still smells great! I need to buy more for my house!

    Laura R Keil

    Bought as a Christmas gift for my sister. She loves it. I love this candle warmer, it's big enough to hold bath and body candles, it's perfect.

    A. J. Kinsella

    Isnt it super fancy? No, but I didn't pay a super expensive price! cute? Absolutely! And the effect is beautiful! Within 15 minutes of me wearing it my living room smelled amazing. No regrets here! ! glad i purchased