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La lámpara de mesa Willy Mushroom es el complemento perfecto para tu hogar. Hecho a mano con materiales de hierro, cerámica y PE, cuenta con un diseño moderno que es a la vez elegante y duradero. Añade un toque de sofisticación y estilo relajado a cualquier habitación.

Añade un ambiente encantador y nostálgico a tu espacio. Colóquelo en su escritorio mientras trabaja o lee para crear un ambiente cálido y acogedor que le ayudará a mantenerse concentrado y relajado.

Tamaño del producto

Estilo AS tamaño: Diámetro 20 cm x Alto 20 cm / ∅ 7,9 ″ x Alto 7,9 ″

Tamaño del estilo B: diámetro 20 cm x alto 23 cm / ∅ 7,9 ″ x alto 9,1 ″

Tamaño del estilo C: diámetro 20 cm x alto 20 cm / ∅ 7,9 ″ x alto 7,9 ″

Tamaño del estilo D: diámetro 20 cm x alto 23 cm / ∅ 7,9 ″ x alto 9,1 ″


  • Cuerpo cerámico .
  • Metal, Cerámica, PE.
  • Color : Blanco, Rosa.
  • Diseño LED integrado; Vida útil media de 50.000 horas.
  • Las luces LED están completamente integradas en el dispositivo y no se pueden reemplazar.
  • Interruptor de botón.
  • Luz cambiante de tres colores.
  • Listado ETL, UL y CE, CCC, SAA
  • Apto para uso en interiores.
  • 59 pulgadas con cables de interruptores de enchufe.


Parámetro Instalación

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    She is so good-looking and puts the whole thing on the bedside to create a whole new atmosphere! Its worth buying, sisters! Hurry up, the price is not expensive, it is really worth buying this desk lamp at this price, haha

    Midwest Guy

    The product is generally good and well packaged. Final comment on express delivery: delivery is very fast. I received it. It is beautiful and practical. I like it very much! Good quality and low price, much cheaper than the physical store, and it also has three-color lights

    Bianca Gonzalez

    Light brightness: The brightness is very good and not dazzling. Features: It can also have three-tone lighting. Design style: Milky style, I really like it. It looks so good, really gentle, milky, super cute. It can dim in three colors and switch different scenes. Its so pretty! Cream color brings a sense of atmosphere! It looks great even if you leave it there without turning on the lights!


    Its a pretty lamp with a creamy color. It looks very warm and healing when placed on the bedside of the room. Light warm light, brightness is enough

    Lisa Calhoun

    I like the desk lamp very much. I have compared it with several. This style is very beautiful and the simple style has won my heart. If you like it, you must buy it. The pink one I bought is more versatile and can be used as a bedside table or dining table. I have been planting for a long time, but I was still very surprised when I received the goods.