Lámpara de techo redonda de grano de madera


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Da vida a tu espacio vital con esta preciosa lámpara de techo redonda. Con vetas de madera oscura y un acabado acrílico nórdico, añade un toque de sofisticación a cualquier espacio. Haz una declaración audaz e ilumina tu hogar con una pieza llamativa.

Tamaño del producto

Tamaño del modelo AS : diámetro 30 cm / ∅ 11,8 ″

Tamaño del modelo A: diámetro 40 cm / ∅ 15,7 ″

Tamaño del modelo A: diámetro 50 cm / ∅ 19,7 ″

Tamaño del modelo B : Diámetro 30 cm / ∅ 1 1,8

Tamaño del modelo B: diámetro 40 cm / ∅ 15,7 ″

Tamaño del modelo B: diámetro 50 cm / ∅ 19,7 ″


  • Cuerpo metálico .
  • Metal y Acrílico
  • Color: veta de madera de nogal y blanco, veta de madera de roble blanco y blanco.
  • Cableado.
  • Diseño LED integrado; Vida útil media de 50.000 horas.
  • Las luces LED están completamente integradas en el dispositivo y no se pueden reemplazar.
  • Temperatura de color blanco cálido 3000K.
  • Compatible con reguladores de intensidad (no incluidos).
  • Listado ETL, UL y CE, CCC, SAA.
  • Voltaje CA 110-240 V.
  • Clasificado para humedad y adecuado para uso en baños y áreas exteriores cubiertas.


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This color is the feeling I want, and it goes well with the cream-style decoration of our home. The material feels quite thick. The three-color lighting is adjustable and suitable for various atmospheres. It is affordable and good for everyone.


I bought another eye protection lamp at home. It is indeed more comfortable to use than the ordinary lamp before. I will fall in love with it after using the eye protection lamp. The whole bedroom is also much warmer. The delivery is fast and the packaging is very careful and tight. I am very satisfied. a shopping trip

william burnett

My home was decorated in the new Chinese style. I purchased a lot and finally chose this one. After the installation, everyone in my family said it looks good and the overall fit is very high. The stores service attitude is also good. I recommend it and its worth buying!


Children's rooms still need such professional eye protection lamps. They are of good quality, bright and not dazzling. You can rest assured that your baby can play and study in the room.


New Chinese style bedroom lamp, the color is very true and beautiful, the actual object is very textured, it is relatively simple to install, much cheaper than in the physical store, the quality is also very good, the size is suitable, and the price is very good