Lámpara de pie Manta Flor 9.1″- 56.3″


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¡Déjate inspirar por la cautivadora lámpara de pie Manta Flower! Esta hermosa lámpara presenta un diseño creativo que iluminará cualquier habitación y llenará el ambiente de calidez y alegría. ¡El complemento perfecto para cualquier hogar!

Tamaño del producto

Tamaño: Diámetro 23 cm x Alto 143 cm / ∅ 9,1 ″ x Alto 56,3 ″


  • Cuerpo de PE .
  • Metal y rotomoldeo.
  • Color : Beige, Negro.
  • Enchufe con casquillo G9.
  • LED de 5W o equivalente a bombilla incandescente (40W).
  • Luz cambiante de tres colores.
  • Listado UL y CE, CCC, SAA.
  • Interruptor de pie.
  • Apto para uso en interiores.
  • 98,4 pulgadas con cables de interruptores de enchufe.


Parámetro Instalación

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The lamp is received. It is very beautiful. It is very simple to install and the effect is good. It is very creamy. It is worthy of being an Internet celebrity lamp. It is also good as an ornament at home. The brightness is just right. The quality is very good. The packaging is very careful and there are no bumps. A little bit. The workmanship of the lamp is very exquisite and the price is affordable. Two words: perfect!! Its really good, I like it so much! It looks good wherever I put it! ! !


So beautiful! Full of artistic flavor, the light is soft and not dazzling. It is really a must-have when used as an ambient lighting in the living room!


Theres nothing to say about the actual product. I personally feel like its bright, it looks great! The lamp is very stable and gives a warm and hazy light. I am going to buy another one.


The floor lamp is very beautiful, and its great as an ornament at home! Even though he didnt know how to install it, he guided me very patiently. It exceeded my expectations. It has an atmosphere at night. Overall, its very good. Its worthy of being an internet celebrity. The product is very beautiful and the packaging is very attentive without any bumps.


This flower floor lamp is really beautiful and the workmanship is very exquisite. The key is that the light is comfortable and it has a sense of atmosphere. It is very beautiful and matches the furniture and decoration. It is also very warm. I bought a three-color light source that can be switched. Its so beautiful. I will recommend it to my friends.